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MegaFlow™ Steady-State Heating System Alleviates Dispensation Problems, Produces Significant Cost Savings, Includes System and Operator Fail-Safe Features

The patented MegaFlow™ is designed for semiconductor manufacturers who store liquefied ammonia, hydrogen chloride, chlorine, and other specialty gases in large-capacity containers such as tonner or Ycylinder vessels. These liquefied gases require sufficient vapor pressure to ensure a continuous, high flow of gas through the delivery system. MegaFlow™ generates up to 9kW of power and delivers exactly as much heat to the gas system as is being lost to gas delivery and evaporative cooling. By keeping the cylinder vapor pressure constant, all process gas can be removed safely. The MegaFlow™ System features forklift access for easy installation and removal of gas cylinders and is available in a 72 x 219 x 84cm (WxLxH) model. The system is insulated, weatherproof, will operate down to 0° F minimum ambient temperature, and is available immediately, direct from the manufacturer, with a normal delivery of six weeks ARO.

Optional features include an integrated chemical weighing and inventory management system and a climate control system for variable ambient conditions.

MegaFlow™ is designed for system and operator safety. The heating system is enclosed in a skid assembly that safely cradles the large vessel. No electrical contact is made with the BSG cylinder and the heating system's upper temperature limit of 125° F protects against overheating. MegaFlow™ also includes an exhaust lip (for scrubber connection) designed to minimize operator exposure to process gases.

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4x5kW Manual

4x3kW Manual

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