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AT-NEALC11, C12, C22 - CE Certificate
AT-NEALC22 - EBO2 Certificate
AT-NEALC22 - EB10 Certificate
AT-NEALC22 - ATEX Certificate


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Accurate Gas Control Systems, Inc. is pleased to announce that our AT-NEALC22 Dual Channel Controller has been certified for two European Directives, CE and ATEX. The specifications of this controller are:

  • Power Handling Capacity: 2000W Total Output (dual channel)
  • Min. Circuit Requirements: 208-240 VAC, 15A, 50/60 Hz per channel (220 VAC)
  • Controller: 1/16 DIN, Microprocessor based PID Controller
  • Protection Devices: GFCI AC Power Source Required
  • Temperature Sensor: Type K Thermocouple
  • Primary Output, SP1: Solid state / external solid state relay
  • Secondary Output, SP2: Solid state relay / external SPDT LC mechanical relay
  • Dimensions: 15.38" high X 12" wide X 7" deep
  • Analog Output: 4-20mA / 500? / 0.1% of full scale typical / user scaled

The AT-NEALC22 controller is designed for use with AT-HTZ Heating Systems, Uniflow Cylinder Heating Systems, Accu-Trace Heat Tracing Systems and other applications requiring temperature control. The AT-NEALC22, when used in conjunction with the AT-HTZ Heater Panel meets CE and ATEX standards as an entire system.

In addition our NEALC11 and NEALC22 have been CE certified.



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