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AT-NEALC11, C12, C22 - CE Certificate
AT-NEALC22 - EBO2 Certificate
AT-NEALC22 - EB10 Certificate
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AccuTrace™ Heat Trace Systems

AccuTrace™ Heat Trace Systems provides an excellent and proven solution to gas condensation problems. AccuTrace™ Systems may be used separately or interfaced with the AG Systems or other hosts to provide the total solutuon to your gas condensation problems, exhaust line bake-out, etcetera. The AccTrace System eliminates process variables and gives greater process control.

The AccuTrace™ System consists of the required heat output cable connected to a control system. A temperature sensor attached to the gas line measures the temperature and feeds back to the controller. The controller switches power to the heating cable to maintain the desired set point temperature. The heater cable is attached to the gas lines using fiberglass tape tie down points and the heater cable is secured with aluminum tape. Techlite™ Insulation is then put on the lines to minimize heat loss to the ambient environment.

Accutrace Self-Regulating Heat Trace Cable comes in a variety of heat outputs. The AT-BTXG and AT-UTXG Series heat trace cable has a tinned copper braid cover with a thermoplastic elastomer outer jacket thereby conforming to the NEC code 427-22 and 427-23 for grounded metal covering of heaters.

AT-BTX is a self-regulating cable with a maximum operating tempurature of 150° (65°C). BTXG cable is available in 3, 5, and 10 watts per foot.

AT-UTXG is a self-regulating cable with a maximum operating tempurature of 200° (92°C). UTXG cable is available in 5, 10, and 15 watts per foot.


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