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AT-NEALC11, C12, C22 - CE Certificate
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AGT354D Recirculator

The AGT354D Recirculator contains an environmentally friendly non-CFC refrigeration system, a high output heater, and positive displacement pump. Accurate and stable (±.1C) temperature control is achieved by modulating the net cooling power via a digitally controlled heater and a large reservoir serving as a thermal flywheel. The reservoir is easily accessible for filling purposes and checking circulation.

The AGT-Series Recirculators are capable of removing or adding heat to a remote source by regulating and controlling a wide range of temperatures of a Closed-Loop circulating liquid. Wasting of water is eliminated with use of the AGT Recirculators when connected to Cylinder Gas Sources.

Common applications include Temperature Control for Etch and CVD Process Gases, Vacuum Pumps, Reactor Flanges, MFC's, Power Supplies, Condensers, and Turn-Key Gas Delivery Systems.

The AGT-Series Recirculators in conjunction with the AG-J Heat Exchange Jackets regulate and control temperatures of Gases contained in any size or type Cylinder.

For more information on how we can solve your process or temperature control requirements please contact our capable Application Engineering Group



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